I generally like HamNo posts and even though I think we'd find a lot of opposites in our life experiences I think I'd enjoy having a conversation about the state of the world with him. BUT, I have to interject here and point out a couple things that need to be said. First, crude prices are not exactly being driven up… » 3/26/15 11:00am Thursday 11:00am

The architecture, the history, the landscape and the beaches are all spectacular but really the beauty of Cuba is in its people. It sounds corny but really, the people are amazing in their hospitality, their willingness to genuinely befriend, the absence of hostility and this magnanimous attitude from people who… » 3/17/15 10:49am 3/17/15 10:49am

Until reading this story I knew nothing about the man, the situation here or anything so there's my caveat. But, in support of the Everything Theory let me tell you that in my line of work I deal with some very wealthy, very distinguished and very intelligent people. There's this perception that because of their… » 3/13/15 2:20pm 3/13/15 2:20pm

If, and I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but if these buildings are durable and have a comparable longevity and maintenance calendar to any other current style of construction then this could be a major game-changer. Right now in my city we have what's considered to be a fresh glut of condo units on the market,… » 3/09/15 1:40pm 3/09/15 1:40pm

Judging by at least a few responses here it looks as though some changes in legislation are needed whereby leaving the scene automatically includes a DWI upgrade. Or at the very least the penalties should equal DWI. Unless of course someone can propose a valid reason to leave the scene of an accident. » 3/09/15 12:12pm 3/09/15 12:12pm

"The suburbs" in general were premised on one simple combination, the car and cheap gas. Middle class white families fleeing scary (ahem, black) civil unrest in the cities. They needed to shop and live and raise their kids in a hybrid rural/urban environment where they felt safe but this simply doesn't work without a… » 3/05/15 1:49pm 3/05/15 1:49pm

Gah, if you suspect frostbite you DO NOT run your frozen parts under warm water despite the urge to do so. You start with cool water and very slowly increase to lukewarm. Going straight to the warm/hot water will thaw the skin before blood starts flowing and then your shit dies from oxygen deprivation. » 3/05/15 12:45pm 3/05/15 12:45pm

McDonald's is like the Nickelback of food and vice versa. No one admits to liking it, in fact everyone claims to hate it and yet somehow, millions are made. As a band, maybe an up and coming band, do you really want to be McNickelback? » 3/05/15 11:55am 3/05/15 11:55am

Owls are cool and I say that in spite of the fact that one tried to take off with my dog when she was just a puppy but veered away at the last second when I quite accidentally got in the owl's incoming line of attack. This one seems to be aware of the vulnerabilities of the elderly and disabled which, despite the… » 2/27/15 4:56pm 2/27/15 4:56pm

Counterpoint: fuck you. I drink milk daily. I'm almost 50. I feel like crap if I don't have a glass after a day or two. And I'm healthier than all these pasty looking millennials surrounding me. » 2/12/15 2:22pm 2/12/15 2:22pm

I'm going to let you in on a secret. While "Asian buying" might be part of the reason for the price rise, so is "Western buying" or "European buying" or whatever. "Chinese buying" is the answer a trader provides when they either don't care to put time into a legitimate answer or otherwise don't really know (but now… » 2/12/15 2:15pm 2/12/15 2:15pm